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The Chapter will be publishing a number of informational artifacts; articles, newsletters and meeting presentations. The St Jago Alumni Toronto chapter will launch its chapter newsletter, The Ravensworth Times, this Summer (2010) with publications on a quarterly basis.


Copies of the chapter's newsletter available here.

Reports and Presentations

Copies of reports and presentations delivered at our made at our monthly meetings are available here.


Victor Edwards' Message (full) to the St Jago Alumni Association Toronto Chapter

Tribute to Victor Edwards, Past Principal at the annual banquet (2011) by Claude Pike

Sandra Swyer-Watson, Principal's message (full) to the St Jago Alumni Association Toronto Chapter

Speech presented to the annual banquet by Guest Speaker, Her Excellency, High Commissioner, Sheila Sealy-Monteith.

Member Publications

Members are invited to publish material on technology, topical and social issues.  Articles are subject to approval.




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