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Membership and Services

The St Jago Alumni Toronto is a non-profit organization with various classes of membership open to past students of the St Jago High School in Spanish Town, Jamaica and their associates residing in The Greater Toronto Area.  The key values to the membership of the St Jago Alumni Association are social interaction, access to information about St Jago High, networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits. The alumni memberships help support the mission of chapter in assisting the St Jago High community with tools to advance education for humanity and developing young minds.  This initiative should also help to build a foundation to introduce academic and technology careers to young people in our communities.

Alumni Membership

Full membership is available to all graduates of St Jago High and associate membership to others interested in furthering the goals and objectives of the association.  Join today!

Member Benefits

Benefits of membership includes voting and holding official positions within the organization as well as full  participation in all association activities.

Member Resources

Members are able to access the list of members through the secretariat and are provided with an email alias.

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