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About Us

The St Jago Alumni Toronto is a non-profit organization with various classes of membership open to past students of the St Jago High School in Spanish Town, Jamaica and their associates residing in and around the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. The association is an active member of the Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations Toronto (AJAA) and has been serving the St Jago Alumni in Canada for over 30 years and was integral in the formation of the local chapter in Florida, USA.  The organization meets on a monthly basis and is engaged in activities aimed at the social and academic development of our communities at large. 

Mission and Strategy

The St Jago Alumni Association Toronto is dedicated to serving the membership by engaging in social, community and related activities of interest to its members.


The Association is governed by the constitution in force (revised 1989) which is available for download.


Election of Officers

Officers are elected to serve for terms defined by the constitution.

Executive Officers

The current executive was elected on November 17, 2012 for a term of two years:



Jacqueline Pancho-Flowers  jackie.pancho@stjagoalumni.com

Vice President

R Anthony Warner  anthony.warner@stjagoalumni.com


Colleen Wallace  colleen.wallace@stjagoalumni.com


Kevin Ross kevin.ross@stjagoalumni.com

Public Relations Officer

Dave Reece  dave.reece@stjagoalumni.com

Social Coordinator

Mark Lucas  mark.lucas@stjagoalumni.com

Outgoing President and Office at Large

Roger Bulgin  roger.bulgin@stjagoalumni.com





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