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We regret to announce the passing of our former principal Victor R. Edwards on November 17, 2015 at his home in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Fay and family at this time.   more...

Victor Roy Edwards (1927 - 2015)

Victor Edwards 

It is with much sadness and regret that I'm announcing the passing of Mr. Edwards on November 17, 2015. He served as Principal of St. Jago High School for the period 1977-1992. Mr. Edwards has left an indelible mark on the lives of students that he touched and whom were privileged to have him as leader, mentor and motivator.


He was an exemplary figure to the St. Jago family during his years of tenure; feared but highly regarded and respected by all. His legacy will live on and he will be sadly missed.


In 2011 he was guest at the St. Jago Alumni Association Toronto Chapter. We spent a memorable time with him and his wife who was so grateful that he was granted that experience. She told us that we added years to his life by inviting him to that event and he was indeed happy to be there.


St. Jago Alumni Association Toronto Chapter offer sincere condolences on behalf of the Past Students Association to his widow and to the rest of his entire family.


Today we lost a great person, a wonderful man, an educator and an awesome spirit. May his soul rest in peace.


Further details are available on the St Jago Alumni Facebook page. 



Roger Bulgin

St Jago Alumni Association Toronto




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